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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 2, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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role in this labor dispute. . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. it is tuesday, october 2nd. i'm julie haener in tonight for gasia. this is bay air y news at 7:00. hundreds of nurses are out on strike walking a picket line right now outside santa rose sa hospital. explain why this is different from past contract battles. jana. >> well, julie, the nurses have been out here on the corner since 5:00 this morning and they plan to be here until 9:00 tonight. their contracts ran out on sunday. they say they are in a battle with the hospital over wages, benefits, and patient care. nurses stood and waved signs in
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the blistering sun putting the heat on administrators at the santa rose sa memorial hospital. they're asking nurses to take lower pay for special shifts and pay more for healthcare. >> in some cases doubled and in other cases tripled the percentage nurses would have to pay for their health insurance premium. >> the hospital is aufrg a 2% rate over two years. the nurses want 10%. they say their wages from 47 to $70 an hour are lower than nurses' pay at other bay area hospitals. >> it offends me. it's a shame that they are asking the nursing force, the force that drives this hospital to take reductions and sacrifice patient safety at the bedside. >> a hospital spokeswoman says patient care is not suffering during the strike. the hospital brought in about 150 replacement nurses from around the nation to cover 173 patients this morning. >> we made sure that we had enough nurses to take care of the number of patients that we both anticipate and are
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currently in the hospital. >> hospital negotiators say they're worried about the future health of the hospital. the affordable healthcare act will mean lower medicare reimbursements. >> all we can do is try to guess what the cuts may be or position ourselves to get ready for those cuts. >> the nurses had plans of a two-day strike but since the hospital had to hire the replacements for a minimum of four days they will be out here on a picket line through saturday. ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, tension at oakland city hall where in the last few minutes dozens of people have been sdod leave city council chambers following some heated exchanges over a police shooting. this is a live look right now outside the meeting. protesters are demanding the police report on a shooting back in may that took the life of 18-year-old alan blooper. we are told the protesters got a copy of that report and
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protesters are still not happy. our crew was there earlier tonight and some protesters were kept out of the council meeting [ crowd chanting ] . >> the gallery and balcony inside the council chambers have been shut down. the city calls it a security precaution. we caught up with blooper's father about an hour ago as he marched with demonstrators. >> my thing is not to take over the city hall meeting. we want to make sure the city hall is aware of my son's death and doing something about it. >> two weeks ago a group of protesters interrupted the city council meeting forcing it to end early. police in oakland are now investigating their fifth homicide in just the past 18 hours. the latest victim is a 44-year-old man. the shooting happened on 57th avenue nur international boulevard at 2:45 this afternoon. police say the man was on his front porch when he was shot multiple times. we are told the angle of the
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bullet path may suggest drive-by shooting. oakland's homicide rate is now running about 10% higher than this time last year. we have continuing coverage. rita williams has some perspective from those left behind. >> homicide statistics to some, to others the loss of real people who were loved. >> we saw the big spot up in our minds and our hearts gone, just gone. >> she is talking about 23-year-old robert dell, the neighbor she's known since he was a little boy. dell lost his own mother when he was three and now his three-year-old son will grow up without his dad and sarah mellis now will raise their son alone. >> it hurts. unless someone understands how it feels to lose a person, they will never get it. >> police say dell and another man were sitting in a car in
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front of dell's house about 6:00 this morning. >> something transpired, whether it's a confrontation, and that's when the suspect opened fire and shooting and killing both of our victims. >> police have not arrested anyone for the double homicide here or two separate killings last night. gunmen opened fire into cars on mechanic car thur boulevard less than five miles apart. >> they're taking mom mys, daddies, babies. there's other ways to get your anger out. >> today's violence brings to 90 the number of homicides so far this year compared to 81 this time last year. there were 103 homicides in all of last year. >> if this rate continues, the number of homicides in oakland this year is on track to far exceed last year's total. in oakland rita williams ktvu channel 2 news. our viewers are also
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commenting on the violence. if you would like to join the conversation, go to ktvu channel 2 news at facebook. now to hayward wra man is in grave condition tonight after he aparently shot himself in the head. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. police say a hayward resident reported seeing a man creeping into the bushes near montgomery and sunset. police say the man was armed and ran away as they approached. police say they rounded a corner and heard a gunshot. once officers caught up they found the man with a bullet wound to the head. oakland's fire investigators are still trying to figure out a small fire today that three people and left firefighters slightly injured. that started around 12:40 this afternoon in an apartment unit above the florist shop. firefighters quickly put out the flame and everyone including a dog made it out safely. we are told that injured firefighter is treated for minor
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injuries. a seagull is to blame for starting a house fire in berkeley today. somehow the bird cause add 12,000-volt electrical line to fall on some grass sparking the fire in the 1100 block of delaware street. firefighters knocked it down quickly but we are told the fire caused about $50,000 in damage. it was another warm sunmy day across the bay area today. we spotted plenty of people enjoying the sunshine out in oakland where temperatures reechd 95 degrees but as the heat some relief is on the way. t 7:23 meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us when to expect it and how low temperatures are expected to get. well, there are concerns tonight about the only homeless program in walnut creek as the people who run it head for retirement. 75-year-old bill lundy and his wife are retiring at the end of the month. they worry the church won't be able to raise enough money to run it. they've be doing the work for
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free. >> it's not a program that can be run piecemeal and i think that's what i'm most afraid of, that no one is going to take ownership of it. >> the pastor of st. paul episcopal church hopes to raise money through grants. the church board will vote next week on whether to take over the program. the name would likely change from fresh start to trinity center. apple and samsung have renewed their legal rivalry with a new lawsuit. samsung file add new suit claiming patent infringement against apple's new iphone 5. in a statement today samsung said quote we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our invasions and intellectual property rights, end quote. on wall street stocks finished the day mixed. dow industrial lost 32 and uncertainties about health of the economy in spain. nasdaq gained 6. jp morgan chase is facing a new lawsuit over the activities of right before the economic melt down. a federal mortgage tax force
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claims committed fraud. the allegation involved mortgage security deals that cost investors billions of dollars between 2005 and 2007. jp morgan bought bear sterns back in 2008. >> this case is underlining the essential principle of the working group which is that there's one set of rules for everyone, and we will not tolerate fraud. >> this is the first lawsuit filed by the task force set up by the obama administration to conduct during the financial crisis. jp morgan says it intends to fight the lawsuit. chevron is appealing a decision ordering it to pay property taxes. chevron filed the appeal in contra costa. earlier the board rejected chevron's appeal of the 2009 property tax bill and ordered the company to pay $27 million in taxes. a chevron spokesman tells ktvu the company is in mediation over assessments going back to 2004
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and is hopeful for a fair settlement. the city council is meeting tonight that are outsourcing police service. the council expects to hear from both reporters and critics and it seems the meeting could be moot. the proposal is in response to a $9 million deficit and comes with contract know,s with the police department. the city's primary argument is outsourcing police duties to the sheriff's department but we've learn it had sheriff decided not to submit the bid. in recent days, it was peanut products. now it's smoked salmon that is the rauls. kirk land brand smoked salmon sold at costco. it sickened at least a hundred people in the u.s.. the cdc says it's seen a rise of salmonella combination cases listing 13 different outbreaks just this year. public health say it boosts the effects of industrialized food production. >> contaminants anywhere in the
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line of production gets amplify and had amplified and amplified to the point where lots of people can get very sick. >> dr. john at uc berkeley says the smaller, the more limit the effects of any contamination. organic creams, messages and flowers all for one teacher. how the community is handling his death. tomorrow could be a make or break day in the reyes for president. the count down and the key topics expected to coffer. another round of near-record temperatures faced the bay area today. a cooling trend is coming our way. i will show you those numbers coming up.
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. video now of a spectacular site over san francisco. news chopper 2 was there just
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minutes ago as u.s. navy's blue angels flew into town in formation for this year's fleet week. precision flight demonstration team will be overhead thursday and friday to practice for their performances saturday and sunday. and go to for more incredible video of those blue angels. just look for the video player in the middle of the home page. and amtrak officials say the crossing gate was down when a big rig hit the passenger train in a central valley. that accident caused the plain to de rail yesterday injuring about 40 people. today investigators identified the truck driver as 32-year-old medina. investigators say they are listed to see if he was impaired or if there was a mechanical problem with his big rig. the train tracks reopened this morning. emotions are running high on the campus of an east bay middle school. students, parents and staff are trying to come to grips with the death of a teacher. the teacher's apparent suicide comes less than a week after he was accused of an inappropriate
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relationship with a former student. >> classes let out early today in albany middle school because of the hardship the school community is enduring this week. >> i had him as a teacher. he was a really great teacher, and i really miss him. >> tiers flowed freely for 28-year-old james izumizaki, the teacher who aparticipantly committed suicide yesterday just five days after allegedly committing a lewd act with a minor. >> i just feel really badly for his family and friends and all the teachers here. they loved him. he was a great guy. >> some of the school community told me they tout the allegations that izumizaki had an inappropriate relationship with a former student. parents say they're taking care to deal with that issue and its relationship to the teacher's death. >> that family is stuck with a very difficult situation. one is suffering a loss, another is suffering with the allegation of their child being touched inappropriately. >> we don't have all the information and that's what we tell them. we really don't have the information yet so you shouldn't
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judge things until you have the information. >> and de spite that unknown information, teachers and staff wore black arm bands and young people crowded in to leave condolence. most of these expressions of love are from students of the middle school but many high school students also came back to pay their respects. >> it wasn't like a teacher. it was like friends. we just got along. everything we said -- we, like, listened more because we had, like, a lot more respect for him. >> around the same time as the vigil this morning superintendent said staff was focussed not on school work but on helping the student body come to grip with this loss. ktvu channel 2 news. a san francisco man who is behind bars for the attempted abduction of a nine-year-old girl now faces more charges. he's accused after grabbing a girl from the bathroom of park side middle school at san mateo last month. he's now accused of taking pictures of a group of nine-year-old girls from upside beneath bathroom stalls back in
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march from washington elementary school in daily city. supervisor introduced new legislation today that would prohibit nudity in public plazas, sidewalks, streets and public transit. under the ordnance violators would be fined $100 for a first offense and $200 for the second. the legislation is set to go before the full board in november. the los angeles city council voted today repeal its recent ban on medical marijuana. the vote comes after advocates gathered enough signatures for a ballot referendum. the so-called ban would have eliminated about 1,000 shops operating in the city. in a little less than 24 hours, president obama and mitt romney will clash in denver in the first presidential debate. elizabeth explains now why both men are approaching it with cautious optimism. >> president baa rack obama and
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governor mitt romney their first of three show downs. this week the debate will focus on domestic policy with a heavy emphasis on the economy. romney says it's not about who comes out on top. >> in my view it's not so much winning or losing or even the people themselves, the president and myself, it's about something bigger than that. these debates are an opportunity for each of us to de scribe the bathway forward for america that we would choose. >> while the president is confident he's not underestimating the competition. >> gofrper romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> romney may have an advantage. during the primaries, he participated in several debates. this time around he's been gearing up for one-on-one face offs. >> just getting used and tarlying the questions back and forth how the single moderator is going to be controlling the debate between two candidates. >> obama has not debated since the 2008 campaign.
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senator john kerly is helping the opponents prepare when the jam packed presidential schedule will allow. >> the president has a day job. the president is the president and has not had the time to practice. all we hear about is how much mitt romney is practicing practicing practicing wherever he goes. >> as if the candidates aren't under enough pressure heading into wednesday night, the latest polls shows when you factor in the margin of error, this rac e is all tied up. and you can watch tomorrow's presidential debate live over on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m.. president obama today took a break to visit the hoover dam. the president got a personal tour and learned about the dam's during the great depression. learned about the dam at his state of the union address this year as something being built during hard times. during the national
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spotlight, 13-year-old jessica announced just a few hours ago second place winner of the broad come master's science competition in washington dc. she will take home $6,000 for her project on eye muscles and vision. santa clara brothers were two of the top 30 finalists in that competition. they studied star brightness using a digital camera and a telescope. well, oote his chance for a vacation destination. his vision to turn one hawaiian island into a sort of peach. rosemary orozco will tell us how much cooler it's going to be trm ing to be tomorrow vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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introducing chase liquid.'s on. card hassles? the reloadable card that's easy to activate and can be used right away. plus, you can load cash or checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and checks right from your smartphone. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. . oracle ceo larry says his plans to go green with the hawaiian island he now owns. he wants to turn it into a sort of laboratory. he hopes to convert sea water into fresh water to get more electric cars on the island. he bought back in june. the land includes two resorts, two golf courses and commercial and residential buildings. well, back here at home another hot day in many places around the day area. rosemary is here to tell us about the cooler weather on the way. >> yes. it is nearly impossible to
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escape that heat outdoors today. a cool down is on the way. giving you a look at the numbers for today. areas like mountain view break records by a degree but still it was 96 in san jose. the ongoing record there, 95 in oakland today. 100 degrees brentwood city, 103 for livermore, 103 in santa rosa and temperatures even though the sun has set, still warm, 93 degrees in antioch, 87 concord, 87 fairfield, low 80s santa rosa, napa, 81 san francisco, 79 mountainview, 84 degrees right now in san jose. we do have changes on the way, low pressure out over the pacific. it's going to be migrating towards the coast. we're going to see the on-shore breeze beginning to trickle in at this hour. patchy fog starts tomorrow and then as the week progresses the clouds will begin to build. around the bay 60s and 70s in the forecast as we come into
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wednesday. inland areas 80s reaching near 90 degrees with the on shore breeze reaching it is going to be far cry from what we saw today. giving you a look at your morning lows, tomorrow 53 in oakland, 61 for mountain view, 56 san mateo, low 50s for santa rosa, 53 in napa. relatively mild outdoors then for the afternoon 85 for santa rosa tomorrow 83 for novato. off to the east bay mid 70s in oakland, 87 in danville, 90 degrees for antioch. livermore right about 89. into the south bay 82 for you san jose. 81 sant claire. these numbers are 5, #10, 15, even 20 degrees cooler than what we felt today. 80 degrees brentwood city, 72 degrees expected in san tran. san francisco downtown earlier today hit in the low 90s. your extended forecast there so the cool down begins on wednesday even cooler on thursday and there it is weekend
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in view. temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees by saturday and sunday and low 60s for the coast. julie. all right. rosemary, thank you. the oakland a's are at it again tonight as they push towards the play offs. a win over the texas rangers. they have now locked up a wild card spot which would be a one game winner take all as the a's win their final regular season game against the rangers they would clench the american league west and bypass the wild card. well, take a look at this talk about excessive celebration a junior hockey player in new jersey got a big surprise after scoring a goal going straight through the glass. best new of all though he was not hurt and his team won four to one. well, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we will see you the next time news breaks. i'm julie haener. our coverage continues with the 10:00 news tonight. we are live in the south bay with hot weather and we are always here for you at
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